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MobileCorp Connected Better with Customers Over an Advanced Platform Built by Exigo Tech

MobileCorp is an enterprise technology managed service partner. They are a Telstra Platinum Partner and partners with leading tech vendors such as Microsoft, Cisco, VMWare, Apple, Samsung and many more. MobileCorp specialises in offering solutions in IoT, cloud, complex data and IP networks and unified communications domain.

The organisation was looking for a wholesome solution that keeps all imperatives on the same platform. They wanted a secured and advanced application that acts as a single source of information for all their employees. Also, they wanted a solution which they can deliver superior customer experiences.

The Solution

MobileCorp initially operated on three different systems. They wanted to merge the capabilities of these systems. MobileCorp was looking for a solution that eliminates silos between the important systems and enables their employees to discover required insights or generate reports whenever required. They were looking for a system that allows their sales and marketing teams to have complete visibility of any customer’s journey.

Exigo Tech, as MobileCorp’s technology enabler, built a feature-rich and intuitive system that transformed their processes for better outcomes. We kept Microsoft Dynamics 365 at the core and designed a cloud-based CRM solution for them. We migrated MobileCorp from the traditional systems to a modernised one to enable them to extract reports upon requirement. Also, the process of adding products to the company’s portal was simplified. Furthermore, MobileCorp’s customers are now able to monitor the status of their products which uplifts their customer satisfaction quotient. They now have a ticketing system that enables their professionals to handle the influx of support requests smoothly.

The Business Need

Streamline internal business processes

Reduce time and efforts taken to upload a product on the company portal

 Give customers the flexibility to track their orders

Technology Used

The Business Benefits

We, being a Microsoft Solutions partner, designed an efficient solution for MobileCorp that catered to their exact needs. We helped them step into the future of work and unlock several benefits.

Enhanced accessibility of information
Short and simple process of adding products on the company portal
Integrated systems and affiliated processes
Easy and automatic report generation
Intuitive dashboard displaying information about daily tasks and activities
Balanced workloads and quick resolution of customer queries with the ticketing system
Efficient process in place for their customers to learn about the status of their orders
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Our Microsoft Solutions

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