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The Solution

Worrells partnered with Exigo Tech, a leading provider of IT solutions, to achieve a complete digital transformation of their entire infrastructure. The solution implemented by Exigo Tech included:

Azure Virtual Desktop:

  • A scalable and long-term cloud-based desktop solution was provided to replace Worrells’ ageing desktop environment.
  • A centrally located Azure Virtual Desktop was deployed to provide secure and remote access to business-critical applications and data.

Microsoft Defender:

  • To safeguard the cloud infrastructure and endpoints Microsoft Defender was implemented, which provided advanced threat protection and endpoint detection.
  • The deployment of Microsoft Defender provided an additional layer of security to safeguard their data and infrastructure against cyber threats.

Azure Site Recovery Solution (ASR):

  • To ensure business continuity in the event of a disaster, ASR was implemented, which provided a disaster recovery and business continuity plan.
  • This solution ensured uninterrupted operations and rapid data recovery in the event of an outage.

Data Migration:

  • Exigo Tech assisted Worrells in migrating all their data from data centres to Azure, allowing them to take advantage of the scalability and cost-effectiveness of cloud computing.

The Impact

Following the implementation of the proposed solutions, Worrells successfully accomplished its digital transformation goals, enabling smooth integration and collaboration across all departments and applications. Worrells’ outdated legacy infrastructure was replaced by a modern cloud-based desktop environment, leading to significant improvements in business operations and productivity.

Some of the ensuing outcomes observed:

  Support for remote working demands with flexible options.

Adoption of the latest technologies with a better user experience.

Improved productivity of teams.

Reduction in long-term storage costs and operational costs.

With ongoing managed services in place, Exigo Tech continues to work with Worrells in improving its technology landscape, ensuring its systems remain up-to-date and secure. This approach to technology management ensures that Worrells can focus on delivering its core business services while relying on Exigo Tech to provide reliable technology support

"Our association with Exigo Tech enabled us to automate our manual HR processes to improve our productivity and efficiency levels. The Exigo Tech team listened to our needs carefully and followed a step-by-step approach to implementation."


"Exigo Tech was instrumental in designing and implementing our WAN infrastructure. They catered to our requirements after understanding our specific needs."


"Exigo Tech created a highly complicated logistics platform for us, that enabled us to manage the entire logistics process properly. We have benefitted from their flawless and detail-oriented approach."


"Rhino Rack has gained a trusted advisor in Exigo Tech to advise and assist with all of our business requirements. We are looking forward to continuing our relationship with Exigo Tech."


"Cenversa has been working with Exigo Tech to move the file server and intranet to the cloud. They came up with a secure and scalable customer and supplier centric architecture in a structured format."


"Exigo Tech is highly recommended from the Polyseal Group for all your IT requirements. They listened to our requirements carefully and delivered solutions to increase our productivity and end user experience."


"We liked Exigo Tech’s clear understanding of what needs to be achieved and knowing ways to improve the user experience in building custom applications for us."


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