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In today’s data-driven business landscape, not having advanced data analytics capabilities can be a significant roadblock to success. Organisations with weak data analytics strategies often struggle to derive meaningful insights and make informed decisions. With the lack of ability to harness the power of data, these organisations experience inefficiencies, missed opportunities, and difficulty in staying competitive. As we step into an era where data has become a strategic asset, organisations without advanced data analytics capabilities fall behind. To help organisations stay competitive and data-driven, Exigo Tech and Microsoft are coming up with the workshop on data analytics- “Tech Horizons: Transform Your Business and Experience Limitless Scale With Analytics”. 

The workshop is aimed to bridge the gap for businesses lacking advanced data analytics capabilities. Scheduled for November 9, 2023, this event promises to empower businesses with the knowledge, tools, and strategies needed to transform data into actionable insights. It is designed to help organisations overcome the challenges posed by a lack of advanced data analytics and to unleash the full potential of their data. 

Unlocking the Power of Data Analytics

Advanced data analytics is not just about collecting data but about extracting valuable insights that can drive innovation and streamline operations. Exigo Tech’s workshop is designed to enable you to derive actionable insights from data, utilising Microsoft’s real-time business intelligence and reporting tools that provide a comprehensive view of your data. The event will also cover the significance of AI and other modern tools in Data Analytics, their role in modernising businesses, and how they empower data-driven decisions. 

During the workshop, you will discover how various data analytics tools can effectively streamline workloads and automate decision-making processes. Participants will also gain insights into the critical role data analytics plays in modernising businesses and making data-driven decisions. Our speakers will also talk about how Artificial Intelligence elevates data analytics capabilities. 

Workshop Outline

Our workshop is the perfect gateway for overcoming business challenges with advanced data analytics. Here is what you can expect at this workshop- 

  • Data-driven Decisions: Learn how to harness the power of data for making informed and strategic decisions that drive growth and profitability. 
  • Comprehensive Solutions: Discover Exigo Tech’s data analytics solutions, designed to meet the unique needs of SMBs and SMCs. 
  • Governance: Discover the essential principles of data governance, ensuring data integrity and compliance. 
  • Real-World Insights: Gain inspiration and insights from a customer panel Interview, learning from the experts in the data analytics field. 
  • AI-Powered Future: Explore the future of Data Analytics, powered by AI, and stay ahead in this evolving landscape. 
  • Microsoft Ecosystem: Learn how to leverage Microsoft’s suite of tools, programs, and offers, achieving more with less. 
  • Expert Q&A: Get your questions answered directly by a panel of data analytics experts from Microsoft and Exigo Tech. 

Meet The Speakers

This workshop brings together leaders from Exigo Tech and Microsoft who will guide you on your data analytics journey. Our panel of experts have decades of collective experience and is dedicated to simplifying technology and empowering businesses through modern technology solutions.

1. Vivek Trivedi
Managing Director,
Exigo Tech

With a mission of making technology simple for businesses, Vivek leads Exigo Tech as its Managing Director. His visionary leadership has driven the company’s success in modernising the digital landscapes of organisations and empowering them with data-driven decisions.

2. Niten Devalia
Sales Director,
Exigo Tech

Niten is a dynamic leader with a passion for technology solutions and innovation. His strategic insights and dedication to client success have been instrumental in the growth of the company. Niten is committed to helping businesses harness the power of technology to achieve their objectives.

3.Dean Corcoran
Technology Strategist – CTO for Partners,

Passionate about technology and its impact, Dean drives success by leveraging innovative solutions for organisations. His keen observation skills and adaptability to change make him a valuable asset in driving efficiency, customer satisfaction, and profitability.

4. Michelle Buhne
Azure Practice Manager,
Exigo Tech

Exigo Tech’s Azure Practice Manager, Michelle is passionate about helping businesses maximise their Azure investments. With her guidance, you’ll unlock the full potential of Azure and elevate your data analytics capabilities.

Benefits of Attending this Workshop 

Exigo Tech’s workshop is your path to successfully unlocking transformative insights and strategies to reshape your future. Our experts will empower you with Microsoft Azure’s capabilities, helping you to achieve AI-driven analysis of your data.  

  • Learn how to transform business processes with data-driven decisions.  
  • Gain insights to streamline operations and innovate with real-time business intelligence.  
  • Explore Exigo Tech’s customised data and analytics solutions.  
  • Discover the future of data and analytics enabled by AI.  
  • Understand how to access your data securely from anywhere with Microsoft’s integrated ecosystem. 

Details of the Workshop

DATE: 9th November 2023 

TIME: 10:00 AM

VENUE: Level 28, Banilung / Yara, 1 Denison St, North Sydney 

Revolutionise your Organisation’s Data Analytics Capabilities- Register Now! 

Join our workshop and gain business insights faster with the knowledge of advanced data and analytics tools. Don’t miss the opportunity to transform your business through data-driven decisions and advanced data analytics. Our speakers will offer you a perfect opportunity to achieve limitless growth and streamlined operations, all made possible by the power of data. 

By attending this event, you will equip your organisation with the skills and tools needed to not only survive but succeed in today’s data-centric world. Take the first step towards data-driven decision-making by reserving your seat for this workshop.  

Still have some questions? Get in touch with us at or call us at 1300 EXIGOTECH (394 468) and get all the details about this workshop.  


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