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According to a study by Gartner the security market is expected to reach US$ 170.4 billion by the year 2022. Such rapid market growth is fuelled by the array of new technologies such as cloud-based applications and the workloads that need security beyond the traditional data centre. Palo Alto cloud security solutions are designed to secure today’s complex IT infrastructure . Are you amongst the 94% of organisations that are using the cloud in one way or the other or are you amongst those companies that lack visibility across their cloud data or are you running the cloud workloads that are missing critical security patches? Well, it is worth taking a step back and assessing how well you are meeting the cloud security threats. Whether you have just started your cloud journey or are building cloud-native apps, chances are that you might have overlooked the potential cloud security vulnerabilities or risks.

This blog addresses how Exigo Tech in association with Palo Alto cloud security solutions empower businesses with comprehensive security visibility and cloud protection to address critical security challenges.

Comprehensive Visibility with Exigo Tech and Palo Alto Cloud Security

The data, business applications and infrastructure built and run in the cloud are the building blocks for modern business. No matter where you are in the cloud journey, you are likely to utilise every layer of the cloud – right from the platform, software to infrastructure and take advantage of the services from several app providers. Many organisations operate in a cross-cloud environment, but it can also complicate security. Only a fragmented view of your cloud infrastructure can also limit the opportunities of improving your security posture leading to missed threats.

To address these challenges, we, along with Palo Alto cloud security provide solutions to protect every layer of your business.

Palo Alto cloud security solutions can help you:

  • Understand threat exposure and realise complete visibility across the multi-cloud platform
  • Detect insecure configurations in cloud infrastructure and reduce attack surface area.
  • Secure and develop your applications and data in the cloud
  • Control and monitor users and information across all your apps.

While our native features establish robust security, Palo Alto cloud security complements those protections and further reduces the attack surface by providing full visibility. You can easily set your security posture and extend protections to manage enterprise digital workflows.

How does Palo Alto Cloud Security Work?

Palo Alto cloud security solutions focus on the key areas that will eliminate most of the security issues that organisations normally face. The initial stage is to improve cloud visibility and create awareness. Businesses need to know which cloud and cloud services their business team and developers use. The next step involves automating the security controls and scanning the infrastructure for common misconfigurations. And once you have the misconfigurations, take corrective measures to automatically fix it. Palo Alto security allows organisations to accelerate their digital transformation journey by simplifying cloud security with automated threat detection and unmatched visibility.

Palo Alto Cloud Security 2 – Exigo Tech

Improving Your Cloud Security Architecture

Your cloud security must be tailored to meet the needs of your business operation because there’s no one size fits all checklist. Safeguarding your network from IoT threats is like navigating into the unknown and unmanaged devices with a compass. Exigo Tech’s Palo Alto cloud security solutions are like the GPS that will help you navigate and protect every layer of the cloud. Our unique initiative combines infrastructure security with dedicated protection from Palo Alto cloud security to help you safeguard your resources located in a hybrid cloud environment. Call us on 1300 EXIGOTECH (394 468)  or get in touch with one of our experts to know more.


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