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A survey by Forbes has revealed that 77% of the organisations have critical business applications or a small part of it in the cloud environment. The statistics throw light on the fact that enterprises are aware of the benefits that the cloud computing environment is capable of offering to an organisation. It is also true that companies who follow a strategic approach are more likely to harness the exact value of cloud instances.

As one of the leading providers for cloud consulting services, I would first like to identify the barriers that keep Australian businesses from achieving the intended results. Only 35% of organisations have reported that they have realised the optimum benefits of cloud deployments which leave a staggering number, 65%, who still are unable to make the most from their cloud investments.

Cloud Consulting Services – Exigo Tech

Five Tips from the Experienced Provider of Cloud Consulting Services to Gain the Desired Outcomes from Cloud Deployments

The secret of realising the full potential of any cloud environment lies in formulating a plan that is tailored according to your specific business needs and enables you to avoid the above-stated setbacks.

  • Your Cloud Strategy Should Match Your Business Goals

Every business is unique and so are its processes. Therefore, ensure that you choose a cloud service provider who doesn’t follow a cookie-cutter approach when it comes to cloud deployment strategy. Ask them to understand your requirements first and once they submit the first draft of the cloud installation document, evaluate several crucial points such as whether it supports your future business plans and addresses your present concerns or not.

  • Evaluate Cloud Deployment on the Basis of Risks and Returns

Calculating risks and returns might sound basic, but these are the pillars of your cloud strategy. If you wish to store critical and sensitive business information in the cloud, then private cloud is your pick. Also, choose only those vendors who have strict SLA (Service Level Agreement) documents in place and can protect your confidential information. Also, ensure that the cloud service provider has the knowledge and access to the best tools, and they have the prowess of addressing concerns of all cloud environments, i.e., public, private, hybrid and multi-cloud.

  • Cloud Offers Much More than Being a Storage Solution

Initially, cloud adoption across organisations was driven by the need to shift the business-critical applications from an on-premises or data centre environment to the cloud. Now, your cloud consultant must be advising you to go a step ahead of it. Liaise with your cloud service provider and plan on how you can modernise your business applications by utilising the capabilities of your cloud scenario. Switching to engineering cloud-native apps is a wise option as these applications can be modified easily and swiftly and enable you to accommodate the changing needs of businesses.

  • Choose Your Cloud Deployment Model Wisely

Your cloud consulting services provider on which model should be used for deployment. Define your requirements and then ask them to suggest whether to go for Software as a Service model or Cloud Infrastructure platform for adopting the cloud scenario. Evaluate the pros and cons of both approaches with your cloud service provider and then make an informed decision.

  • Hire Cloud Experts

An important factor that decides whether your cloud strategy would be successful or not is your employee’s skills. You need to upskill your teammates in different programming languages such as Java Spring. You need to create an environment where your developers can feel that they are an integral part of the cloud environment. They should feel free to experiment with the features and functionalities of the cloud deployment and come up with new innovative cloud and enterprise applications.

Cloud Consulting Services from Exigo Tech – Your Key to Unlock Cloud Benefits

The cloud infrastructure is kind of ubiquitous. Almost, every company has hopped on this bandwagon. But there are very few of them who have utilised the full capabilities of the cloud to drive business transformation. Speak to the team at Exigo Tech to get your present cloud strategy assessed and understand if there are any enhancements required.  To get in touch with one of our cloud experts, call on 1300 EXIGOTECH (394 468) or email us at .


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