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In my earlier posts, I have talked at length about how digital transformation is important for businesses’ success and what should businesses do to survive the wave of digital transformation. The whole process of digitalisation does offer abundant benefits of enhanced productivity, agility, streamlined operations and a quick connection between all the teams irrespective of the members’ location but raises some serious security concerns too. Firstly, it has changed the manner in which the businesses operate.

The new digital business models require frequent sharing of data across applications, platforms and various environments both internally and externally. This current requirement calls for the construction of a robust IT network and infrastructure and also forces the security officials to innovate on newer ways to prevent data theft and hacking attempts. Moreover, it is needless to say that the new digitised business models have altered traditional data security methods. There are many products available in the market which precisely addresses the requirements of businesses of different sizes and offer an appropriate solution for the same. Microsoft Office 365 is one of them and it is one of the most reliable ones since the entire product line is loaded with numerous flexibilities and receive regular updates.

How Microsoft Office 365 solutions enable you to simplify the newly added layer of complexity

  • Microsoft Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection

One of the main reasons for the security breaches is the exponential increase in the number of ways the data is exchanged or accessed. Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) secures the way in which the data is shared. ATP is equipped with cloud-based email filtering facility and the latest anti-phishing capabilities. The anti-phishing capabilities prevent spoofing, user impersonation, domain and brand impersonation. The Online Exchange platform already offers security from the messages that are sent from the threat sources and ATP secures your mails and files a step further. Furthermore, ATP utilises malware analysis to evaluate the files and documents which are shared as email attachments. If it notices any unusual activity, then it removes the attachment and generates an alert. This prevents the exchange of malicious files and also protects the messaging environment.

  • Azure Advanced Threat Protection (Azure ATP)

Another security concern that comes with digital transformation is the fear of credentials being stolen and then misused for data theft. When there is an incident of compromised identity, Azure ATP send alerts to the concerned team and the members can remediate the loss with the use of the rules and regulations they initially defined in the Azure Active Directory Identity Protection. With these rules, you can restrict the access even if the credentials entered are correct, but you suspect them to be malicious.

Cloud Security – Office 365 – Exigo Tech

  • Microsoft Cloud App

Misuse of the data is another scenario which raises a question on digital transformation on the grounds of security. Using Microsoft Cloud security app, you can avoid this situation. You can tailor certain policies which will restrict access of your confidential data when several activities occur at high rates and seem phishy to you. You can monitor the security of data exchanged when the apps are connected. You can automate the granular actions but if there are any specific actions to be performed, then you need to define those.

  • Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection and Microsoft Intune

When all the apps are connected and data is available in abundance, there is a high probability that some of the shared documents contain malware. Using Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) and Microsoft Intune, you can define a level up to which the risk is justified and also automatically block all the connections if the threat bypasses that. If advanced and high-level security is required, then you can set these rules in Azure AD and define devices that should be granted access to the resources.

Digital transformation has definitely altered the dynamics of security and has introduced many layers in it leaving it to be as hard as ever. Security has gone far beyond from just adding the security controls and revolves around the prioritisation of critical processes, systems and potential sources of attacks and vulnerabilities. And the increasing use of the latest technologies such as the Internet of Things is raising the complexity of security. Therefore, it has now become critical for you to choose the right solutions according to the security needs of your business processes and modes of data exchange.

We know that answering the security concerns and getting habituated with the digitalised processes can be tough and take away your focus from the important tasks. Therefore, entrusting an expert such as Microsoft Office 365 solutions for your security needs is a smart move. If you need any help in understanding the pricing architecture or are confused in choosing a product that will suit all your needs, then you have our back. We, Microsoft Solutions Partner, are on of the pioneers in suggesting data security solutions to Australian businesses. To get in touch with us you can call us at 1300 EXIGOTECH (394 468) or write to us at .


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