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Information security is a top priority for organisations managing workloads in the cloud, on-premise, or a hybrid environment. Keeping on top of the ever-changing security landscape presents a major challenge. With the growing list of data regulations such as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act), data privacy represents an increasing concern for individuals and companies alike. Microsoft has continued to develop several cloud-based information security technologies and we would like to break down a few key capabilities of Azure in this blog and how it works to provide layers of protection.

To become cloud smart, organisations need to develop a security strategy that spans both on premise infrastructures as well as the cloud. It requires businesses to expand their network security, all while controlling the spending and reducing complexity. This is forcing the companies to re-evaluate their information security tools to determine if the present tools provide the visibility and control necessary to reduce and protect the most critical assets.

Categorised as Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tool, Exigo Tech’s integrated solutions with Azure Sentinel enables security teams to prioritise the security alerts. Azure provides unified information security management by identifying and fixing misconfigurations and provides visibility into threats to quickly remediate them. This innovative service uses artificial intelligence to analyse data for detecting threats. So how does Azure provide information security through Azure Sentinel? Microsoft recommends the users of Azure Sentinel connect their data with Azure’s Security centre. Once the centre data is in Sentinel, the customers can make use of other sources like users, firewalls, devices for proactive hunting and threat mitigation with advanced artificial intelligence.

Azure Sentinel - Cyber Security Automation with SOAR | Exigo Tech

Why use Azure Sentinel to secure your cloud?

As per a data breach study by IBM, 61% of organisations say that data theft is the greatest threat to their reputation costing them millions.

Azure Sentinel also helps you deliver cloud-native information security as mentioned below:

  • Gathering data across your organisation:

Using Azure Sentinel you can gather all the information security data and integrate it with security API to enable you to import your threat intelligence feeds.

  • Track suspicious activities:

By using AI-based investigation you can reduce the time taken to understand the origin of the attack and its impact on your system. Azure Sentinel provides capabilities that enable you to automate your information security analysis by building queries and Azure notebooks.

  • AI-powered analysis to identify threats:

Azure Sentinel makes use of the highly scalable machine learning algorithms to present high-fidelity security incidents for analysis. Utilising machine learning you can quickly derive values from the large amount of information security data that you have consumed.

  • Automate threat response:

Sentinel comes with inbuilt automation and orchestration that has pre-defined playbacks to solve repetitive tasks and respond to threats quickly. It enhances the existing enterprise defence and tools for probe including security products, native tools, and various applications.

Additionally, our Azure Sentinel services can also be automatically scaled to suit the needs of your organisation’s information security demands.

How to make the most out of Azure Sentinel?

At Exigo Tech, we believe that having a good information security strategy is essential in today’s digital world. Our solutions have helped organisations like yours to stand strong against cyber-attacks. Our experts have qualified experience in strategising and implementing Azure Sentinel to ensure that your business functions optimally. For more information on how to secure your people, system and process, speak to our security experts at 1300 EXIGOTECH (394 468) or .


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