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According to a recent survey by KPMG, 67% of the companies have accelerated their digital transformation initiatives as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The enterprises are more inclined to using technology to address their concerns such as falling revenue, disrupted and disturbed supply chains and building long-lasting relationships with clients and vendors. On the journey of becoming a digitalised organisation, enterprises need to invest in several technologies such as the cloud, internet of things, artificial intelligence, machine learning, mobility and more.

Adoption of these technologies calls for a resilient network architecture that delivers much more than the capabilities of the traditional WAN infrastructure. Therefore, organisations are shifting to advanced networking methods that are inclusive of software-defined architecture and visualised network architecture. The deployment of an SD-WAN infrastructure poses several challenges for an organisation. The most common of them are the lack of in-house experienced IT resources who can manage the entire infrastructure and monitor the network environment on a regular basis.

A reliable managed network service provider can enable you to overcome all the challenges by shouldering the entire responsibility of tailoring the SD-WAN network for you. Besides, building a reliable and effective SD-WAN solution, a managed network service provider manages your cloud model and takes measures to ensure that security is ingrained in every data transfer and offers uniform service-level agreements. You can benefit from their global reach, association with the leading SD-WAN solution providers and experience and expertise of working with businesses of different sizes and industries.

To know how an IT managed service provider assists you in managing several aspects of your business, read on –

Managed Network Services 1 – Exigo Tech With a managed network service provider by your side, most of the responsibilities are offloaded from your shoulders. When you get them on board, they tackle all the challenges that might keep you from deploying a virtualized network infrastructure and leveraging its benefits. Some of the most staggering benefits are:

  • An SLA Document to Manage Several Network Components

An organized managed network service provider gives a single SLA document for your various network components. This scenario is beneficial for the organizations that operate in the multilocation model.

  • Complete Control across Several Cloud Environments

Your managed service provider equips you with all the required facilities that enable you to host applications in different cloud environments individually or as a combination. This kind of flexibility allows you to optimize opex and have a tight grip on the ownership costs.

  • Cater to the Varying Business Needs

Your managed network service provider offers you a self-service portal using which you can adjust your internet bandwidth; suffice the fluctuating requirements and ensure business continuity.

  • Simplified Management of Business-critical Applications

A business environment comprises of several standalone applications that have different routing and security controls. With SD-WAN solutions introduced by a managed service provider, you can host these applications on a common platform and manage interoperabilities efficiently.

The Last Word

Apart from the above-stated factors, there are many other drivers for the adoption of managed network service providers. Also, the availability of services and flexibilities offered by managed service providers accelerates digital transformation for your organization. These are the benefits that guarantee business continuity and continuous revenue stream in economic downturns or pandemic situations.

Exigo Tech is a comprehensive managed service provider that specializes in managing all the parts of your business. We use our network deployment expertise to deliver the best outcomes for your organization. Furthermore, due to our partnerships with the SD-WAN market leaders, we are able to manage and monitor the software-defined networks for different enterprises. Reach out to our networking specialists at 1300 EXIGOTECH (394 468) or email us at . Let’s connect to be able to harness the exact capabilities of advanced networking elements!


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