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You may have noticed that we have got a brand-new look which we are excited to be sharing with all of you. We are excited to unveil our new brand identity, which reflects our commitment to simplifying technology and delivering exceptional customer experiences. Although our visual appearance has changed, our values and mission remain unchanged. We will always be motivated to enable, empower and transform businesses. Understanding our customers’ challenges and keeping them at the forefront of everything we do will always be our driving force. That will never change.

Why We Decided to Rebrand

The decision to rebrand came after carefully considering the evolving needs of our customers and reevaluating our brand based on our values and mission. Exigo Tech was founded with the vision of simplifying technology and delivering exceptional customer experiences. As we continue to strive towards that goal, we realised that a new brand identity would better align with who we are and the story we want to tell. We are thrilled to unveil our new design, which reflects our commitment to technology made simple and exceptional customer experiences.

Our New Logo

As a part of our rebranding process, we have introduced a new logo that represents the evolution of our brand. Our previous logo served us well over the years and was designed to represent the company’s focus on delivering simple and reliable technology solutions. As the company has grown and evolved, we recognised the need to update our visual identity to more accurately reflect our current values and purpose. Our new logo comprises two main colours, Blue and Purple, which represent our brand characteristics of Data-driven, Goal-driven, Imagination, Power, Success, Flexibility, Visibility, Cutting Edge Technology, Authentic, and Innovation. The Hexagon represents a pivotal part of our brand, and it showcases the six characteristics of the human mind: Reasoning, Emotions, Thoughts, Awareness, Knowledge, and Intelligence. We at Exigo Tech work with our clients to plan and build innovative solutions using these six aspects. The logo also has elements of XT – We take advantage of the letter X to define our brand Exigo and deliver excellent Technology (letter T) solutions. The overall logo is a perfect symphony of how different elements come together to create something wonderful.

Our Brand Colours

A bold and striking combination of blue and purple represent our brand’s primary colours. To represent our diverse range of business services, we have chosen 11 distinct colours that evoke passion, inspire emotions, and connect people. These colours also reflect our trustworthiness, stability, and modern flair. Each colour in the spectrum adds a new dimension to the services we offer and helps us to better communicate with our brand. We are the same company, but our new colours are more accurate and consistent across all platforms. These colours correspond to different service categories and the emotions they evoke, for eg: Orange represents the dynamics in our application solutions, Red for Security draws attention that motivates us to act, Green in Business Continuity is associated with progress, and so on. Together these colours stand as a base for our identity and add vibrant hints to the solutions we deliver.

Our New Website

Exigo Tech’s new website is one of the most representative aspects of our brand identity. It has a modern look and feel with the use of our primary, secondary and spectrum colour gradients. Each category of services unfolds a new aspect of our identity with hints of colours that illustrate the emotion behind the colours. Every part of our new website represents our mission, the vibrant colours, dynamic gradients, intuitive illustration, imagery, and strong typography represent the energy and excitement of working in flow to get things done.

To Wrap Up

You inspired us to reimagine Exigo Tech and we are excited to share our rebranding story with you. In the spirit of #rebranding, we continue to commit to our partners and provide the same, or better, level of professionalism you have experienced, and we’d like to take the opportunity to thank you for your trust and loyalty over the years. We hope you enjoy our new brand identity and what Exigo Tech has to offer. Get in touch with our team at 1300 EXIGOTECH (394 468) or email to know more about our offerings and services.


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