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We have all been there where invoices are lost, payments are delayed, and customers refuse to pay. Chasing payments is one of the biggest issues that business face today. But by optimising your invoicing and accounting processes along with your business operations, you can ensure that you are making most of the job and even getting paid on time. As technological advances continue to outperform the manual process, you may get left behind if you aren’t already using software to optimise your business process. Even if you are using software, chances are that you may be missing the functionality to streamline the process. The best way to ensure that is to keep track of all your projects and keep all the information in one place. This can be achieved with simPRO Xero integration which includes all the functionalities of project management and accounting functionalities. simPRO Xero integration will also give you real-time access to your cashflows and you can watch profit flow from different customers through your Xero account.

simPRO Xero Integration 2 – Exigo TechBenefits of simPRO Xero Integration for Business

  • Simplify scheduling and tracking project progression

Business management workflows are crucial for your organisation but shouldn’t take valuable time out of your day. Being able to easily dispatch and schedule projects and resources on a daily and monthly basis is the key to success. Further keeping track of the costs involved including the labour hours and equipment will help you create professional quotes faster. And with simPRO Xero integration, you can easily keep track of the project progression and enhance your customer services.

  • Manage and track projects, budgets and organise billing

If you are running a business, then there can be nothing more important than being able to keep your projects on track and budget. Having simPRo Xero integration, managing projects can be made easy with visibility of estimates vs actual, dependencies, forecasts and expectations at every stage. Further, it will also help you keep the complicated finances and billing accuracy.

  • Plan assets and set up recurring invoices

You can make your maintenance process comprehensive and streamline the process with real-time updates. With up-to-date records, you can also determine in advance what customer assets need testing. Setting up recurring invoices and scheduling alerts at regular interval from the simPRO Xero integration dashboard will ensure that you keep your cash flowing.

  • Have quick syncing between customers and invoices

You can send your customers information and invoices from simPRO to Xero directly once simPRO Xero integration is made. Even bank reconciliation is made simple with the direct bank feed to Xero, payments made to your bank accounts can be linked to the invoices and once in Xero, this data can also be brought back into simPRO ensuring data consistency and security.

In Conclusion

Integrating with Xero seamlessly, simPRO creates a single source for all business data, offering up to date visibility across cash flow, financials and profitability in real-time. By using a comprehensive solution of simPRO Xero integration, organisations can leverage the benefits of getting invoice approvals to ensure timely and streamlined accounting. Further with custom integration of your project data with the accounting of your business, you can keep the financial data accurate and transparent across the systems.

To talk to one of our experts, call 1300 EXIGOTECH (394 468) or email  and discover how simPRO Xero integration can help you optimise your business profitability.


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