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In my career of more than a decade have seen and used various mavericks of the technology. And, I am totally taken back when I see how technology has empowered people to start their business with just a laptop and the right skills. Many technologies came, introduced some flexibilities in the working patterns and faded gradually with time. One of the them which endured the test of time is the intranet.

Intranet has revolutionised the way the businesses function. The intranet portal, although started small with limited functionalities, it is now equipped to offer a plethora of features that drives productivity, allows your employees to share relevant documents with the teams working on the same project and much more. One of the major benefits that an intranet portal offers is a connected/collaborated workplace. A report from Deloitte states that Australian businesses are currently losing $46 billion a year because of lack of collaboration tools at their facilities.

Another survey found that 81% of the senior authorities believe that leadership is best demonstrated by setting examples but only 37% shared important company news and updates which resulted in 74% of the employees feeling that they are not an eminent part of company and they eventually get dissatisfied or disengaged. The statistics clearly show that Australian businesses are in a need of a collaborative solution and an intranet portal is apparently one of the apt ways. Out of all the intranet portals available, I personally favour SharePoint of Microsoft Office portfolio since it is easy to deploy and offers a long range of features.

Let’s see how SharePoint intranet can help you….

SharePoint offers a multitude of features which addresses the collaboration and communication needs of your company. With SharePoint as your intranet portal, you can:

  • Allow your scattered teams to connect

You can interact with the entire staff irrespective of their location using the intranet. You can share some important news on the technology or even share feedback of the ongoing project over intranet. You can create groups specific to any project or technology and streamline the entire process of communication.

  • Keep your employees informed about any company event

You can share a company-wide calendar which has holidays and important events listed on the same. This will enable your employees to stay informed regarding any events and help them plan their work accordingly.

  • Offer a platform to your employees to innovate

You can use the intranet platform to share updates on the product and the technology front. Since interactions with the team members becomes an easy feat with intranet; you can discuss and share your ideas and innovate.

  • Let your employee know your customer better

You can share customer feedbacks to respective team members while using SharePoint as an intranet portal. You can also create personal profiles of every customer. The profile includes basic details of the customer and hence it becomes feasbile for your employees to offer personalised experience for the customers.

  • Boost collaboration with a centralised document sharing/storgae platform

You can collect all the documents at a single place that is on the SharePoint intranet. You can store marketing collateral, release notes, purchase orders, sales orders enabling your team members to access the required data from a centralised portal. You can give viewing/editing rights to the selected employees and hence ensure confidentiality and security of the uploaded documents.

  • Automate the document management process

You can streamline the entire process of document management when you are using SharePoint as your intranet portal. You can set expiry dates of the documents which needs to be updated or are of no use to you. You also have the flexibility of moving your documents from the intranet portal. This kind of document automation saves you a lot of time and efforts.

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Get relevant information at the ease of a few clicks

You can search the required document/file in SharePoint by following a series of easy steps. SharePoint has an in-built search engine in which you can type your keyword and find the desired document from the sea of files.

These are just a handful of reasons why SharePoint should be your choice for an intranet portal. I am sure that there are many intranet providers in the Australian market, but deployment of those portals will cost you more time and efforts. And on the top of it, if you have Office 365 then you already have access to SharePoint and you can start utilising it as your intranet portal. If you need any customisation in it or need an expert to deploy it for you, then get in touch with us today!


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