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A sales professional’s productivity drops by 40% when they have to switch between tasks. Also, two-thirds of any seller’s time is spent in non-selling activities, as claimed in a survey done by Microsoft. This report clearly shows that IT professionals need to pull up their socks and find a tool that is user friendly and give sales professionals ample time to focus on sales-related activities. Also, to make the situation more typical for the professionals, customers are becoming more educated which makes the seller and buyer relationship more complicated.

You can empower your sales professionals to achieve their targets and attract more and more buyers with relationship selling. With the integration between Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Microsoft Office 365, the executives can get a holistic view of the customer journey and also other details about their selling activities.

Essential tools to enhance the performance of your sales team

Currently, it has become necessary for sales professionals to build an amicable and long-lasting relationship with their customers to keep reeling in business. Professionals can get help from technology to be able to give more time to their customers. They can use applications such as:

CRM for your sales team CRM

Several organisations fail to meet their required targets because of investment in non-scalable tools. While other businesses just rely on spreadsheets for noticing their progress. Such solutions can’t fulfill businesses’ requirements in the long run. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for sales can be scaled up and down as per your requirement as it is available on a license basis. Also, it is equipped with key automation features which ensures that professionals don’t waste time on administrative activities and can focus on tailoring unique experiences for every buyer.

Productivity Software

Many businesses often face the challenge of establishing link between their internal teams. Siloed teams often lead to missed benchmarks and targets.Office 365 suite has several tools and applications that enable the teams to remain on the same page about projects or product development. Your sales team can centralise their efforts with seamless Outlook integration, group chat on Teams or pitch decks on the SharePoint platform.

How the Integration of LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales help sales professionals?

The integration of LinkedIn Sales Navigator, MS Dynamics 365 and MS Office 365 allows sales executives to change the way they approach a customer/client and gain their trust. They can unify the data and derive required insights. Sellers and managers can remain informed about the sales pipeline and with AI techniques, intelligent lead scoring models can be implemented which saves sales professionals time and boosts their productivity by 15%.

The data aggregated from LinkedIn Sales Navigator is processed in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales module throughout and allows you to have contextual insights at every step of your selling process. With the connection of these three applications, sales professionals can

  • Identify the Common Connection

While studying the preferences of any customer in Microsoft Dynamics 365, the sales representative can see if they have any common connection on LinkedIn with the customer. The work of sales executives is half done if the common connection happens to be a key decision maker in any company. The knowledge about the connection can be retrieved because of the integration between Microsoft Dynamics 365 and LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Share the Relevant Content - Microsoft Dynamics 365

  • Share the Relevant Content

While staying in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for sales module, the executives make a note of the content which is shared by any of the leads on any social media platforms. The representatives can initiate conversations with these contacts/leads by talking about the topic the customers shared/liked/commented on, on the social media platform. The representatives can send an invitation note to the customers on the basis of the content shared.

  • Receive Notifications

It may happen that when sales executives send an invitation note over LinkedIn, the contact replies over email the next day. Sales professionals receive notifications of the email because of the Microsoft Office 365 integration. The representatives can check if they have any common connections on LinkedIn and include them or address them while replying.

  • Establish Relationships

When sales professionals are connected with the stakeholders in the company, they can gauge the health of their relationships with AI techniques which is already present in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for sales module. With this analysis, the representatives can figure out if they should give a formal push or is the relationship matured enough to initiate a Skype call with the customer.

  • Close the Lead

After the discussion is concluded with the customer, the sales representative can prepare a contract template and share it with the manager using the acute integration between Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Office 365. The sales managers can open the template within the Dynamics environment and give approval for sending. The customers can then seal the deal by utilising their digital signatures. Monitor the Project’s Progress

  • Monitor the Project’s Progress

The deal is now closed officially but there has not been a full stop on the relationship between the company and the customer. The representatives can log all the data in Power BI and with the application’s intelligent capabilities they can figure out if there is any opportunity for cross-selling. Also, if there is a possibility of cross-selling at any stage of the project, the executives can mark that date in the Outlook calendar and schedule their meetings accordingly.

The Bottom Line

Relationship selling has now become key to achieving sales numbers and to deliver superior client experiences. Also, the integration of MS Dynamics 365, Microsoft Office and LinkedIn Sales Navigator adds value in every customer interaction which was not possible in the individual applications. To know how you can apply the relationship selling in your organisation, contact 1300 EXIGOTECH (394 468) or email us at .

Exigo Tech is a Microsoft Solutions Partner. Our team knows about all the updates in the product line of the Microsoft suite and hence are the best to get in touch with for improving your sales numbers.


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