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The COVID-19 situation has not only pushed businesses to change their working patterns but has also forced the healthcare institutions to introduce a lot of new devices in their daily regime of offering care. Some of these devices are infusing pumps, ventilators and more. The number and names of devices will certainly continue to grow, and the reality is that these connected devices provide a huge playground for hackers to enter and get a hold of the patient’s confidential information.

Sophos firewall and other Sophos products add an extra layer of security for the devices and safeguard the confidential information. The IT infrastructure deployed by Sophos complements the level of care offered by the hospitals and even enables them to regulate their medical operations swiftly. Also, the compliances and industry regulations are adhered to therefore the healthcare facilities can ensure that their care and IT services comply with industry standards.

A Brief Rundown of How SOPHOS Firewall Protects your Medical Devices

Sophos firewall and other devices create a security layer and protect your network against threats such as hacking, malware and ransomware, endpoints leakages, DDoS attacks, unauthorised access and other phishing attacks.

  • Find and restrict the infected networks

Sophos firewall XG identifies any possibility of a breach in the network and bans access of other networks to the infected network. XG firewall constantly monitors the health of the endpoints and gives you full visibility of them. In case of any defects in the network, the Sophos firewall provides the IP address, user and the process. The health rules of your network are programmed in Sophos firewall XG and hence if there is any infection in the network, access to that particular network is evoked.

  • Protects against ransomware and exploits

With a Sophos firewall XG in place, you can stay assured against ransomware, crypto mining, hacks, worms and Advanced Persistent Threats. Firewall XG is equipped with sandboxing, deep learning with artificial intelligence and other prevention techniques to safeguard the entire network against ransomware and malware attacks.

  • Offers visibility of the active application in the network

Sophos Synchronised App Control recognises all the unidentified and unknown applications in your healthcare network and offers you full control. You can group these applications according to the risks they present, technology and category. You can prioritise applications according to your requirements and allow them to reside on your network on the basis of the threats they pose to your healthcare environment.

  • Verifies user before giving them entry into the network

User identification forms the base of policies programmed in Sophos firewall for security. These rules offer you full visibility of the applications and the users who try to access the same. Sophos offers full control of the network and blocks the access of unauthorised users to ensure the health of your network. With Sophos firewall you can give users right to access a certain amount of information which is required for their activities and nothing more.

  • Gives visibility of any suspicious activity or traffic within the network

Sophos firewall XG gives you visibility of the risky activities, unusual traffic or suspicious sources trying to enter your network. You can view of the affected endpoints, unidentified applications and if there are any advanced threats in the network.

The Summary

Sophos solutions securely seal all the loopholes in the healthcare network and ensure that none of your medical devices are at risk. These solutions do shield your network from unknown sources, but it might be difficult for you to choose an effective solution that offers protection from the vulnerabilities in the network.

Exigo Tech, a Sophos Platinum partner, assists you in choosing the right bunch of Sophos solutions for securing all the devices in your healthcare network. Our team of experts work with you to understand your functioning methods and then engineer a solution that suits your exact requirements. To book an appointment with one of our team members, call 1300 EXIGOTECH (394 468) or email us at .


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