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Modern salespeople are overburdened with process, information, tools, and tasks which makes it difficult for them to stay productive and meet the needs of the customers. But things are different for the organisations that invest in modern cloud-based CRM software to activate digital selling. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is a perfect solution that helps sellers gain deeper insights and information on all the customers across one system and streamline the sales process.

This blog focuses on activating digital selling through Dynamics 365 Sales, Dynamics Sales Accelerator, benefits of Dynamics 365 Sales, solutions offered by Exigo Tech, and personalising sales experience for customers.

Activate digital selling with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and Exigo Tech

As customers demand quality product, faster response time, and exceptional customer relationships, businesses need a holistic approach towards Sales that transform every step of the buying journey.

  • Consolidate relationships into income

    With Dynamics 365 Sales you can better understand the needs of your customers, attract customers more effectively and close more business leads. Through integration with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Dynamics 365 Sales allows your team to have the data they need and easily manage relationships in the right way.

  • Boost productivity

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps you move away from the complexity and traditional CRM systems so that you can focus on connecting with your customers and increasing productivity.

  • What is the benefit of Dynamics 365 Sales?

    Many key benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales will connect your customer data and tools to process in the Microsoft cloud.

    • Efficient Sales Processes
      By automating the organisation’s sales process, you can increase the productivity of your sales team. You can shorten your sales cycle with less administration and more active sales.
    • Highly Scalable CRM
      Depending on your business needs, Dynamics 365 Sales can be expanded and customised gradually. With the cloud architecture, the scope of Dynamics 365 Sales in terms of applications can be adapted to your organisation’s growth.
    • All Processes in One System
      Dynamics 365 Sales along with Field Service and Marketing offers a holistic platform for a complete mapping of the customer journey. Right from lead generation to sales process, you can find all the contact points with your customers in one system.
    • Integrated Power BI Solution
      Increase the productivity of your teams by providing complete insights into the customers through Power BI dashboards and reports. With machine learning and artificial intelligence services connected, Dynamics 365 CRM also saves you from having to switch between the systems.
  • Accelerate sales performance

    Have real-time analytics based on data and predictive information and accelerate the sales performance of your team. Using the built-in intelligence, you can automate the business process and increase revenue.

  • Innovate with flexible solutions that grow as your business grows

    Activate digital selling by encouraging digital transformation with scalable sales solutions that are easy to customise, develop and connect to already existing apps.

What are the solutions Exigo Tech offers?

As a Microsoft Solutions Partner, Exigo Tech helps you not only to identify the right system formation and licensing but also helps you build a technical plan that allows you to manage and enhance your system.

What is a CRM?

A CRM solution helps in increasing profitability by streamlining the processes of sales, marketing, and service divisions, and letting you focus on maintaining customer relationships. With Dynamics 365 Sales, you can get CRM software that is flexibly designed to suit all your business needs.

How does Exigo Tech help with sales, marketing, and service?

Exigo Tech offers Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales solutions that you can use to provide the sales team with the practical information to personalise relationships with customers and increase sales. We empower your sales team with Dynamics 365 sales. Whether you want to upgrade your current Dynamics CRM platform or migrate to a new one, our team will help you throughout right from strategy to support and adoption.

What is Dynamics 365 Sales Accelerator?

Sales accelerator in Dynamics 365 Sales provides a customised experience to the sellers by reducing the time spent on the search for the best customers. Sales accelerator gathers information from various sources and lets sellers focus on how to best approach potential customers. By using this tool sellers can prioritise customer lists and create worklists that helps in making every communication successful.

An introduction to Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 CRM for Sales

Dynamics 365 Sales is essentially a CRM platform that specialises in sales pipeline management and relationship activities. Upon integration with Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365 or Sales also surfaces all tasks, communications, and appointments that are scheduled.

Dynamics 365 Sales

Dynamics 365 for Sales is designed to improve operations by predicting customer needs and building customer relationships. It comes with a context-based system that allows determining the most appropriate interaction where customers require a more tailored approach.

Dynamics 365 Sales for Business Central

You can empower your teams to view the information in Business Central by integrating Dynamics 365 with Business Central using Microsoft Data verse. For customers, you can also obtain integration from the lead to cash process for backend activities such as inventory management, processing orders, and finances.

Dynamics 365 Sales: Key Functionality

Dynamics 365 sales have many capabilities for different industries and business sizes. Whether you want to make the most of your current Dynamics 365 Sales solution or are exploring the new CRM together, getting to know the system is a healthy start.
Here are the key functionalities of Dynamics 365 Sales:

Sales Execution: This provides a more efficient sales process and puts your sales team in the system with the information. Sales automation, forecasting to the guided sales process.

Office 365 Integration: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales integrated with Office 365 and flows well with Outlook, Teams, and other add ons.

Sales Insights: Manage opportunities by gaining insights into the sales process and improving the performance of the team with predictive forecasting and sales accelerator tools.

Relationship selling: Build relationships by knowing more about your customers using LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Microsoft Social Engagement.

Sales Performance: Dynamics 365 Sales enables smarter sales capability by providing complete visibility across the sales funnel from sales and marketing to customer service.

Business process flow

The business process flow capability of Dynamics 365 Sales lets you define a set of steps that are displayed every time your team works with a customer. Business process flow guides the users through various stages of a process and allows them to concentrate on defined outcomes to activate digital selling.

Activities timeline

One can track, plan and organise all customer communications and activities for some time in Dynamics 365 Sales.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Dynamics 365 Sales allows users to manage the entire processes right from beginning to the end, that is from lead generation to pipeline management and reporting. This system can automatically score, qualify, and assign leads and also provide real-time analysis at every stage of the sales process.


One of the features of Dynamics 365 Sales digital selling is its integration with LinkedIn. Its strengths also include the ability to customise the applications with custom fields, custom objects, workflows, and customised user interfaces.


We offer strategic advice and solutions that span marketing, sales, connected fields, and intelligent customer service to accelerate digital selling.


Exigo Tech’s Dynamics 365 Sales provides businesses a consistent and high-quality way to enable teams to connect the entire customer experience.

Dynamics 365 Sales

One of the arms of Dynamics 365 Sales is that it provides a management system and offers insights into the customer relationships and helps generate leads.

Dynamics 365 Pricing Licensing

There are 2 steps in licensing Dynamics 365 Sales solution:

1. Decide on a plan that meets your business needs.

2. Workout how many users will require access and to what degree.

Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise

Sales enterprise license of Dynamics 365 Sales, provides access to a pre-packaged sales hub experience that includes lead management, guided sales processes, sales goals, dashboards, and unlimited custom entities.
ERP/CRM consulting

Customer Relationship Management is a category of integrated data-driven solutions that improve customer relationships, track sales leads, and deliver actionable insights. Technology consulting is one of Exigo Tech’s prime Microsoft Dynamics 365 Services. Our experts rely not only on the best practices but also provide the strategic vision for CRM.

Need help with ERP/CRM?

Call 1300 EXIGOTECH (394 468) if you need any help with ERP or CRM solutions. You can also write to us at Exigo Tech.

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A good management solution is the one that lives by digital transformation and if you are looking to purchase and set up a Dynamics 365 solution, then we can help. Let us know your requirements and we will find the right professional for your business.

Personalise your experience with Exigo Tech

With Dynamics 365 Sales you customise the entities, dashboards, charts and business process as per your business needs and activate digital selling.

Enable digital selling with the sales accelerator in Dynamics 365 Sales

Sales accelerator in Dynamics 365 Sales, helps sellers transform the way they work by providing relevant information from various sources and creating automated recommendations through the sales process. With integrated emails and calls, they are also able to engage with customers on their preferred channels.

Focus on the right deals with an intelligent work list

Enable your team to be more efficient by prioritising and organising tasks that are due and upcoming in a work queue using the Sales accelerator.

  • You can prioritise the worklist to identify the next opportunity by providing a sorted list of customers with the next tasks due.
  • You can also filter and group the list by identity fields to meet your needs like reaching out to potential customers from a specific source.
  • Your team can identify the new opportunity that enters the worklist and make sure that nothing is overlooked.

Gain context on customers in one place

To achieve the positive outcome of a relevant sales pitch, it is necessary to have a holistic view of the customer needs and history of communication. Sales accelerator helps sellers in:

  • Gaining all the relevant information and insights from related entities in a single place.
  • Viewing the past and present activities for every customer using the up next widget on the entity form.

Use sales sequences to ensure your sales team follows best practices

Sales sequences help the seller receive real-time guidance towards the right activity using an appropriate communication channel.

  • Sales sequences can help you build the sequences that adhere to organisation best practices and sales strategies.
  • Sequences can offer guidance to sellers towards the next step they need to take to reach out to the customer.

Connect with customers across multiple channels

Using integrated communication across various channels, teams can now communicate to the customers without leaving Dynamics 365 Sales.

  • Multichannel communications via phone calls and emails help connect with the customers.
  • Email templates aligned to the sales sequences help in consistent communication with the customers.
  • Integrated dialler and real-time intelligence insights boost productivity

Increase profitability and streamline your processes

Get started with sales accelerator

Sales accelerator comes as a part of the Dynamics 365 Sales license. For more information, you can get in touch with one of our experts and get started today.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is a CRM solution for organisations to enhance their relations and interactions with the customers and activate digital selling.

Activate digital selling and sales acceleration with connected people and processes with Exigo Tech

Activate digital selling by connecting the process, people and bridging the technology gap. Dynamics 365 Sales helps organisations build efficiency in the process and gain customer loyalty by providing them with personalised and on time services.

Exigo Tech | Accelerate digital selling with connected people, processes, and data with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales.

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Exigo Tech are the most sought-after Dynamics 365 solutions provider for businesses who wish to introduce digitalisation in workflows and activate digital selling.


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