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Emails are the best way to connect with your audiences. But, when the same emails are sent over the database, the outreach of the campaign might be reduced. Sharing information and relevant insights over email is an apt way to build a brand image but when you do the same over traditional applications it becomes somewhat difficult to get the metrics in terms of subscribes, unsubscribes, bounces and others. The most basic email marketing solutions also fail to provide deep insights about the customers such as the preferences of the customers or if they have clicked on any links mentioned in the email.

The problems you might face with traditional email solutions

With a simple email marketing solution, you can build templates, create contacts list and send emails on that list. For small businesses, such tools serve the purpose, but for big corporates the simple cookie-cutter approach will not work as their customers are always looking for informal and personalisedmessages. To keep yielding the desired results, you can invest in third-party applications that offer you the required features. However, the third-party applications can be sometimes expensive, and you might have to switch between multiple screens to get the desired information.

Furthermore, third-party applications introduce redundancies and might pose integration problems and you will need to train your workforce for it. It might happen that with an email campaign, you get information from different channels which you can further use to establish a connection with the prospects. Your basic email marketing solution might fail to deliver the flexibility of viewing all the information from a single screen. You can get a third-party solution here to solve the problem but integrating with your existing solution might be a problem. Email marketing is a tool that is used by marketing and sales teams both to build a brand image and improve market reach. But, with a traditional email solution your sales and marketing team might not be able to get an overview of the required data.

How Microsoft Dynamics Marketing module bridges the gap?

Dynamics 365 for marketing module can be connected with Dynamics Sales module and other Microsoft applications enabling you to break the siloes between the sales and marketing teams and achieve collaboration.

  • Plan the launch of a new product The launch campaign for any product that needs to be based on the responses received from customers over different channels or through numerous channels. The campaign should also be based on the insights collected from customer history. The right email marketing solution such as MS Dynamics marketing module enables you to collect information from numerous points and launch a product release campaign in a manner that it attracts maximum audiences.
  • Execute events properly and gain the required insights Planning and executing an event is a massive project for any company and it is a huge opportunity for the organisation to reach out to new customers. The third-party applications can fill in the gaps, but this might lead to complicated integration processes which is difficult to handle when the business is looking forward to arranging an event. Dynamics 365 marketing module enables you and your team members to not only send invitations to the prospects and customers but also simplifies all the processes linked with event and gain desired results.
  • Receive correct and updated information in real-time You and your team can view different marketing insights which are directly received from the Power BI dashboards which can be embedded in your marketing module. You also get reports from Microsoft Dynamics marketing module in which you can dig further into to get more relevant insights and can also be updated in real-time.

Deploying Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Module is Simple

Microsoft Dynamics 365 marketing module is a cloud-based software therefore, there is no physical installation. Also, the tool has an interactive interface so marketing teams can start using the software pretty much immediately.

However, if you want to have detailed information about Microsoft Dynamics marketing module from the experts, then Exigo Tech is your go to. Exigo Tech is a Microsoft Solutions Partner. Our entire team remains updated about any introduction in the product line. To negate the issues of third-party application integration and empower your marketing team with apt solution, call 1300 EXIGOTECH (394 468) or email us at .


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