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We all readily accept the fact that in today’s economy, digital transformation has become both mandatory and unavoidable. And embracing digital is only going to help companies gain immensely from process efficiency, better data insights and an overall increase in customer satisfaction. Digital transformation provides real results for business to not only survive but thrive successfully.

Looking at this constant cycle of opportunity and while helping many companies take the steps toward their digital journey, I find that digital transformation varies from organisation to organisation. While the business goals may differ, for most organisations the cycle is typical. It includes: embracing newer platforms and technology solutions, becoming efficient with available internal resources, improving organisational efficiency and creating more revenue in terms of newer business opportunities.

But for many companies, making judicious use of all the technology continues to be challenging without the right environment. Data in silos is the hurdle. Some organisations depend on just an ERP which enables them to manage numerous internal processes such as inventory management, supply chain and other accounting functions. Some with a customer centric focus, rely more on just a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that allows them to run other business functions like sales, marketing, call center and customer services easily.

An integration between these two software is what helps businesses achieve operational efficiency, remove data silos and drive the revenue generation processes. Here is where Microsoft Dynamics 365 comes highly recommended. It is the perfect amalgamation of a CRM and an ERP solution hosted on the cloud. It seamlessly combines functionalities of both the systems and aids businesses in carrying out the business functions across all departments. Business agility is readily achieved with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and businesses are geared up to stay competitive and respond to the changing customer expectations.

As a leading partner of Microsoft in Sydney, my team of experts has built value over the past few years, providing many tangible benefits to our esteemed clients. The benefits of using Dynamics 365 as your business platform mainly include:

With Microsoft Dynamics 365, it just becomes easier to hop on to the digital transformation bandwagon with the necessary tools required to create exciting digital experiences for your customers. It offers the necessary platform to connect your people to the processes and convert that data to enhance your customer experiences. However, we also know from our collective experience that digital transformation is not accomplished overnight. Hence, we begin the journey together with our clients.

exigo tech and microsoft dynamics 365 – with you on your digital journey!

With you on your journey…

  1. We work with you to completely understand your specific business needs and lay out the path with the right technology mix that will help you stay agile and grow.
  2. We urge you to draw up strategies and guide you to operate with a “customer first” approach to make your digital initiatives successful.
  3. With our industry specific insight, we take a focused approach to solving your unique business challenges.
  4. We achieve our collective goal by customising the Dynamics 365 platform to make it into a business centric technology solution that enables you to be on the path of transformation.

It’s an exciting time for most business and we see that Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a true enabler of digital transformation. Embracing the digital change will continue to take priority in all business across all industries. Understanding some of the business outcomes is just the tip of the iceberg. At Exigo Tech, we strive to make it easier for all our clients to adopt technology and implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 seamlessly so that you continue to be focused on your path to transformation.

Is your business looking to leverage the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365? Not sure which Dynamics module is apt for your business process? Get in touch, today!


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