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Judicious use of AI can automate up to 45% of any particular job. – survey by Mckinsey & Company.

Let’s face it! Some are raving about it and some are just plain skeptical. Artificial intelligence has had its own journey and its calculative adoption in business is known to all. The thoughts in adoption have been split with many businesses thinking it may automate the human race out of work to other businesses vouching for it to be ‘the technology’ that will support you to face the disruption that the digital economy presents.

From where I sit, many businesses are still not able to tap into the wealth of data available all over social media and at their fingertips. Disparate systems are not communicating with each other and the customer experience is still far from being superior. Companies need to understand that the challenges that they face currently in their businesses, can be alleviated with the adoption of these disruptive technologies in machine learning and deep learning. The race to the top could just get easier.

Why AI?

AI started by being a rule-based automation and is now capable of mimicking many human interactions. What makes AI unique is the speed and reliability it brings to a business at much lower costs when compared to the human counterparts. With the appropriate use of AI, one can initiate the wave of change that they want to bring about in their business. It is here to augment operational efficiency and work within your business processes and empower your organisation and take it to new heights.

Business Benefits of AI

Business benefits of AI are many. To name a few:

  • Improved sales
  • Real–time assistance
  • Increased customer engagement and loyalty
  • Operational automation
  • Date mining and deep data insights
  • Predictive and prescriptive analysis
  • Better decision making

We do understand that for most businesses the question is not of if but rather when to adopt AI. Organisations need to soon realise the opportunities in AI, machine learning and deep learning and understand the impact it will have in the new digital future. Since AI is a rapidly evolving technology, it is sure to be challenging in adoption. With the right business strategies and the required infrastructure in place, companies can rely on digital transformation experts to bring the right AI implementation to their door steps. It also makes sense for businesses to keep a close watch on the developments in the field of AI technology and then plan ahead for a successful implementation.

Our strategy at Exigo Tech is to allow our clients to observe, assimilate and experiment with AI and its evolving technologies. We recommend our clients to do the necessary ground work and determine for themselves as to how It can truly impact their business. We help our customers understand the digital journey and how the implementation of AI into their core business processes will increase efficiency and boost business growth. We start with the business objectives, strategise on the AI initiatives and revamp the IT environment for a successful implementation.

I believe that while we will be closely working with automated systems, the human race is far from being automated out of the workforce. What I do know, is that AI will augment your current systems to do much more, while your effective workforce can find newer ways of growing your business. Call us today to know how AI and the cognitive technologies can transform your business.

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