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In my experience of dealing with businesses of different kinds and sizes in Australia, I have understood that communication is the key for businesses’ sustenance and success. And over the years, the manner in which the businesses communicate has received drastic modifications. For example, we started from communication with wired telephones which had just calling facility and today we have smartphones which offer a seamless calling experience by merging our personal and professional contacts. Well, I would say that technology had a big role to play in this journey. Businesses, over the years, have also experimented with various technologies to make communication an easy experience for their employees.

However, the truth also holds that too much use of different technologies and user interfaces makes it frustrating for the employees. For the businesses too, complexity kicks in when it comes to managing security and compliance of different systems. There has to be a way out and definitely there is…..

The Solution is in Cloud

As per a research by Gartner, the Australian organisations will invest up to $85.1 billion in 2019, which is 18.3% higher than the investment made in 2018. The number will continue to increase and reach up to $99 billion in 2020 and $113 billion in 2021. The statistics show that most of the companies are resting their IT needs with cloud-based solutions. And the key to a connected workplace lies in cloud solutions only. With Telstra Calling for Office 365 you can utilise your Microsoft public cloud for the unification of communication means at your organisation and boost collaboration.

What is Telstra Calling for Office 365?

Telstra Calling for Office 365, launched in March 2018, is a cloud-based voice calling service using which you can call on a landline or a mobile number from your Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams. With Microsoft Enterprise license which you need to purchase from Telstra, you will be able to leverage this service and boost collaboration and productivity at your organisation.

The other thing that makes the investment lucrative is the involvement of two most popular and importantly reliable technological giants that is Microsoft and Telstra. And because of them, you can rest assured regarding superior quality services, around the clock customer support and regular updates. You can now save time and efforts of juggling between multiple screens since all your productivity and collaboration tools are on the same platform. Furthermore, deployment and management become simple as you will able to retain your existing IT infrastructure. And, you don’t have to set up any on-premise equipment which means once you have the license, you are ready to switch to a seamless voice calling experience.

How Telstra Calling for Office 365 enables you to realise the power of voice?

Voice Calling on Cloud – Telstra Calling for Office 365 – Exigo Tech

Tight integration between the cloud-based voice communication and Microsoft collaborative tools such as Teams and Skype for Business enables you and your team to move beyond the walls of your office and connect whenever and wherever required. I will like to explain this with an example. Suppose, you want to highlight several points in the file that you shared over teams. At this instant, instead of typing long messages, just picking up the phone and directly calling the recipient from that very interface is the easiest way out. Your message is conveyed without any confusion and your relationship with your fellow team member also receives a boost. The flexibility of adding voice not only introduces empathy in the office relationships but also ensures that you are on the same page as your team.

Benefits of Telstra Calling for Office 365

In the entire setup of TCO, the collaboration tools and applications which are available with Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business such as conferencing, screen sharing, document sharing, multi-person video is available with the inclusion of the voice facility. The entire application is Software as a Service and hence it is easy for businesses of all sizes and types to set it up. You can also rest assured regarding the security of voice messages exchanged since TCO inherits all the security features of Office 365.

  • Simplified IT infrastructure and ease of implementation

First and foremost advantage of Telstra Calling for Office 365 is that you don’t need to deal with the management of a complicated and dedicated PSTN network. The integration with Telstra brings all your calls in the Office 365 application provided you have an active internet connection with an adequate bandwidth.

Simplified IT infrastructure and ease of implementation

  • One device and number for all professional calls

You and your team members get unique numbers which are associated with respective Office 365 clients. When somebody calls you on this number, the call lands directly in your Office 365 application and you can receive the call from that interface only. Furthermore, if your organisation grows then you can get some new numbers. If your users have changed their roles, then you can easily reallocate the numbers too.

  • Flexible deployment

If you are not ready to route your entire communication over the cloud then you can try some other options to deploy TCO. For example, go hybrid; keep your complex users on your existing on-premise cloud solution and migrate the regular users to Microsoft public cloud.

How can we help you get TCO for your business?

As a Telstra Platinum partner and Microsoft Solutions Partner, our role is to get the required services and hardware from these giants for you. Our skilled staff will deploy and program the entire TCO setup making your organisation ready to collaborate and connect. Call us 1300 EXIGOTECH (394 468) to discuss the nuances of Telstra Calling for Office 365 and bring teamwork and improved business relationships onboard.


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