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Around 90% of organisations were looking forward to hiring data officers by 2019. – CIO

With companies constantly growing and expanding globally, they are collecting data in abundance. The collection of data certainly means that you have more insights about your customers, and you can use and analyse it for planning the growth and development strategies of your business. However, big amount of data also mean that its management is difficult. The incompatible systems or siloed processes could be one of the reasons for poor management of data. Such scenario forces organisations to work with data which doesn’t give them deep and correct insights about the market trends or business processes.

All about Microsoft Power BI

There is numerous business intelligence software available in the market that are equipped with features to organise and manage the data in an efficient manner. In this post, we will talk about one of the most powerful business intelligence applications which is Microsoft Power BI. Power BI is one of the youngest applications in the Microsoft product suite which was introduced in 2015 for data visualisation and analytics. This product was advertised as an application that give answers when asked questions with the help of Natural Language Processing. It was not until 2017 when Microsoft started promoting Power BI as an application to gain business intelligence.

The period from when Power BI was introduced to the time it matured, companies started to scout the market for professionals who had expertise in analysing data or upgrading the IT infrastructure. Slowly, entrepreneurs realised that cutting-edge business intelligence can be achieved when humans and applications work in conjunction.

Let’s dive deep and learn how you can use Power BI for enabling your business to improve data management and analysis.

  • Multiple operations from a single tool

With the Microsoft Power BI platform, you and your team can visualise the data in an easy to understand format. You can also interact with the data and derive the required insights. The flexibility of visualising and analysing the data from the same screen spares your company the time and effort of finding and deploying multiple tools.

Microsoft Power BI

  • Integration with other applications

Since Power BI is a part of the Microsoft family, it can be easily integrated with other applications such as Azure cognitive services or AutoMLAlso, you must already have a Microsoft subscription, so you and your employees can use the same credentials to access Power BI too.

  • Easy to use and understand interface

The interface of Power BI is quite similar to Word, PowerPoint and Excel and hence it is easy for you and your team members to use it without any major training. You or your employees can easily add slicers, page filters or file filters and visualise the data from a different perspective. The collateral is available on the Microsoft website which allows you to understand the tips and techniques to put your data to good use with Power BI. In case you still face any difficulty, you can interact with members from the Power BI community and receive guidance from other developers.

The Bottom Line

Data visualisation and analysis do offer great insights regarding your business but often raises security concerns and questions. Microsoft Power BI is equipped with data protection techniques that ensures confidentiality and safety of your crucial business information.

Power BI experts can enable you to leverage features and flexibilities and design the application according to your business requirements. The team at Exigo Tech gives ample time to understand your business processes and then suggest a solution to extract data from Power BI or integrate applications with it in order to get the relevant insights. Exigo Tech is a Microsoft Solutions Partner and is the right team to ask for assistance in case of any updates or down time. To start gaining insights from your data TODAY! Call at 1300 EXIGOTECH (394 468) or email us at .



1) Is Power BI used for data modeling?

Yes, Microsoft Power BI can be used for data modeling which is an important aspect of business intelligence and data analytics. It involves structuring data in a way that facilitates analysis and reporting. Power BI provides a data modeling feature that allows users to create relationships between tables, define calculations and measures, and create hierarchies to enable drill-down analysis. These modeling capabilities enable users to build more advanced reports and dashboards that can provide deeper insights into their data.

Power BI Solution also allows users to import data from various sources, transform and shape data using Power Query, and create data models using the built-in modeling tools. Additionally, it also allows users to integrate with other tools such as Azure Analysis Services and SQL Server Analysis Services to create more complex data models. Overall, Microsoft Power Platform is a powerful tool for data modeling that can help users gain valuable insights into their data.


2) What are data security features in Power BI?

Microsoft Power BI is a business intelligence and data visualisation tool that offers various data security features to ensure data protection and confidentiality. Here are the key security features:

  • Role-based access control assigns roles to users and groups to determine their access to content and features.
  • Row-level security restricts data access at the row level based on specific criteria.
  • Encryption protects data at rest and in transit with industry-standard AES encryption and SSL/TLS protocols.
  • Azure Active Directory integration provides secure authentication and authorisation for users, supporting multi-factor authentication and advanced security features.
  • Data classification and labeling allows you to manage access and protect data privacy by defining labels such as Public, Confidential, or Highly Confidential


3) What is Microsoft Power BI used for?

Microsoft Power BI is a business intelligence and data visualisation tool which is used to transform data into interactive visualisations and reports. It helps businesses to gather data from various sources and create custom dashboards and reports. Power BI provides a suite of tools and features for data analysis, modeling, and visualisation, allowing users to explore their data, find insights, and collaborate and share their reports and dashboards with others in real-time, making it a powerful tool for teamwork.

Power BI services are widely used in various industries, including finance, healthcare, retail, and manufacturing, to help organisations make data-driven decisions and improve their business performance. With its intuitive user interface and powerful data analytics capabilities, Microsoft Power BI is an essential tool for businesses of all sizes to make sense of their data and gain a competitive edge.


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