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Bill Gates summed up the current business landscape as a recovery which will take years for different countries and industries, but with innovation, the economy will be back on a great path. And to create a sustainable business that can open new opportunities, enterprises across Australia and the world need to reassess their cloud and digital journey, ensuring they have the flexibility to deal with the current and future environment. On the work front, this pandemic has been the catalyst to draw the profound transformation in the way we all work.

A recent study from Gartner found that a quarter of CFOs plan to shift at least 20% of their onsite employees to remote positions permanently post Covid 19. Work from home has been a positive experience for most of the employees, and infrastructures have also been flexible in accommodating home networking. However, we are now at an inflection point, and if the employees are going to work from home permanently then enterprises will need to offer a better user experience in terms of adaptive networks.

Meet the Software-Defined Future with Telstra Adaptive Networks

Businesses have never stood still, and after all, to succeed you can’t stop evolving, even if it is a pandemic. Your networks also need to do the same and power the growth of your business digitally. As the Australian companies tussle with the accelerating need to digitise every aspect of their organisation, the networks act as the key facilitator of such transformation. The organisations are hence in search of a network service provider that can offer extensive plans and flexibility to accommodate the current changing business needs.

To support such remote working needs, we at Exigo Tech have partnered with Telstra in delivering secure and on-demand connectivity through Telstra Adaptive Networks. This new cultural model and modern network strategy will foster cutting edge approaches, promote collaborations, streamline application development amongst IT, and improve customer experiences – all while ensuring enterprises have advanced network solutions in this ongoing digital transformation.

How Exigo Tech Enables Your Business to Move at Pace with Telstra Adaptive Networks

Telstra Adaptive networks brings an application-centric focus to the networking using centralised management to effectively leverage various network types, in a single network. It also brings in 360-degree network visibility with the application. With Telstra and Exigo Tech, your network can be as agile as your business needs. You can deliver amazing user experiences by adjusting your network to suit your services and applications.

With the Telstra Adaptive Network offerings of Adaptive SD-WAN, Adaptive core networks and Adaptive connectivity, businesses can also build their hybrid networks and gain greater resiliency. Given these features, it makes sense for businesses to explore Telstra Adaptive Networks as a solution.

Key Features of Telstra Adaptive Networks

Key Features of Telstra Adaptive Networks - Exigo TechDeliver Better with Telstra Adaptive Networks Business Solutions

When digital transformation is supported by a solid adaptive network base, businesses can leverage many benefits. Some of them are as below:

  • Improve speed
    Gain the flexibility to quickly set up and switch between the connectivity to meet your dynamic business needs and performance requirements.
  • Business continuity
    Secure your network traffic and protect business data, productivity and reputation with embedded resiliency and network security.
  • Gain Control
    Set the future of networks with Telstra Adaptive Networks deployment, to establish faster connections and best user experience.
  • Protect business information
    Protect the integrity and confidentiality of your data with multi-layer inbuilt security measures from Telstra Adaptive Network.

Leverage A Secure Infrastructure from Telstra Adaptive Networks

There is still a great amount of ambiguity around what COVID 19 recovery will look like and how long will it take. But with this changing world, the demand for bandwidth also keeps on growing and there has never been greater importance for a powerful reliable network. Telstra Adaptive Networks can meet these changes, giving the companies a multitude of secure and powerful connectivity choices. Connect with us on 1300 EXIGOTECH (394 468) or email us at for your connectivity needs.


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