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When I had a conversation with businesses who have adjusted to the new normal well, the one thing that was common between all of them was that they had a cloud environment deployed and a robust connectivity solution. All the entrepreneurs seconded the fact that an internet link is vital to ensure continuous business operations and foster teamwork and collaboration between the employees.

The internet connectivity options from Telstra opens the door to a connected world where businesses can firmly dip their toes in the international market without having to worry about bringing the head office and branch offices onto the same common platform. Also, the networking solutions from Telstra are built with the embedded security protocols to ensure the security of the information even when it is shared from a personal device. To know if Telstra Internet Direct is the right solution, read on –

Several Questions to Ask to Confirm the Usability of Telstra Internet Direct in Your Organisation

Scouting the market for a perfect internet networking solution is an intimidating task especially when you are already doing many tasks and there are so many options in the market. Telstra itself offers several connectivity solutions such as Telstra Internet Direct, Telstra IP-VPN, Telstra Adaptive Networks and more. You have to evaluate your business model and working patterns to pick the best networking solution for your business setup. The network engineers at Exigo Tech have rolled out networks for businesses of different types and sizes. They have collated several questions that every entrepreneur needs to ask his/her employees before investing in any internet service. A few of these are –

  • Do you use any of the cloud services such as Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365 to conclude your business activities? If not, are you planning to invest in one such solution in the future?
  • Does the unavailability of critical information stop your employees from doing their daily tasks?
  • Do poor connectivity or internet bandwidth act as a hurdle in your employees’ collaboration and communication efforts?
  • Do you consider your website as the first point of contact between you and your customers? And, you want your consumers to place orders through the website?
  • Does your workforce comprise an equal number of in-office and remote employees? Are you planning to open a branch at a different location in future?
  • Does internet speed generate an impact on your employees’ productivity and efficiency?

If you answered any of the above questions in affirmation, then Telstra Internet Direct is what you should invest in. Contact one of the experts at Exigo Tech to gather more knowledge about Telstra Internet Direct pricing.

Approach Exigo Tech Today to Learn About Telstra Internet Direct Pricing and Get a Connectivity that Fuels Collaboration

Exigo Tech, a Telstra Platinum partner, offers a wide range of Telstra solutions and possess the skillsets to identify the areas in your organisation that can be enhanced with the use of Telstra Internet Direct. We offer the best plans and follow a systematic path to lay out the internet direct network for you to ensure that you are able to empower your workforce with the connectivity they require to conclude their daily tasks or communicate with their team members.

We specialise in designing the Telstra Internet Direct network analogy along with offering support for the relocations, upgrades or new deployments. Our network engineers use an online portal to check the health of your network and ensure minimal downtime, delays and glitches. They program this portal in a manner that the traffic is directed over the most suitable path on the basis of the urgency of the business operation to be completed. Call us today at 1300 EXIGOTECH (394 468) or email us at to book a discussion session with one of our networking specialists and gather deep insights about Telstra Internet Direct pricing.


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