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A Shift to Remote Work: What’s Behind the Change?

Digital transformation is reshaping work environments and cultures. The shift to remote work, driven by circumstances and technological progress, is more than a trend; it’s a complete rethink of work dynamics. It meets the need for flexibility, balance, and efficiency in our professional lives. Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) is a key player in this change, representing the needed innovation for success in this new work era. AVD goes beyond remote work; it revolutionises by offering a secure, scalable virtual workspace that connects office settings and modern workforce needs.

This revolution isn’t just about changing work locations but redefining the concept of “being at work.” It signifies a change from the past to a future where work outcomes, not office hours, define productivity. By embracing AVD, businesses get empowered with a future of flexibility, collaboration, and productivity. With Azure Virtual Desktop, we step into a new work era—where traditional offices fade, and virtual collaboration and innovation thrive.

Let’s Talk About Azure Virtual Desktop and the Modern Workspace

In today’s dynamic business landscape, understanding Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) is crucial for maximising remote work capabilities. AVD offers desktop and application virtualisation on the cloud, creating accessible virtual environments for modern workforces.

Key features include Windows 10 and 11 integration, multi-session support, scalable resources, and strong security measures. AVD’s popularity comes from its scalability, security protocols, and streamlined virtual workspace setup, enabling businesses to focus on growth. This user-friendly and secure solution is transforming modern workspaces, empowering remote teams, cutting costs, and ensuring competitiveness in an agile world.

Unveiling the Limitations of Physical Infrastructure

Relying on physical infrastructure poses challenges and hinders growth for most of the businesses. A major issue with physical hardware is the high initial investment for setup, covering expenses like servers and storage. Businesses also face ongoing costs for maintenance and upgrades required to constantly keep up with technology.

These are the few old-age challenges that highlight the significance of transitioning to solutions like AVD. It not only addresses the limitations of physical infrastructure but also presents innovative, scalable solutions that align with modern business strategies. Take a look at a few more challenges of physical infrastructure and how Azure Virtual Desktop tackles them


  • Physical hardware requires space, occupies real estate, and raises environmental concerns due to energy consumption.
  • Physical data centres limit quick adjustments to demand fluctuations.
  • Physical infrastructures are prone to outages, affecting business continuity.


  • Azure Virtual Desktop provides scalable, flexible solutions that reduce reliance on physical hardware.
  • Azure Virtual Desktop eliminates the need for physical data centres, allowing businesses to rapidly adapt to changing demands.
  • Virtual solutions offered by Azure Virtual Desktop enhance business continuity compared to traditional physical infrastructures.

Moving from physical hardware to cloud-based services isn’t just about saving costs; it’s about freeing businesses from old limitations to redefine their operational and competitive strategies in the digital era.

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The Rise of Remote Work

The pandemic caused a big shift to remote work almost overnight. Recent data from The Guardian mentioned that more than one in five Australians worked from home at the height of the 2021 lockdowns. By 2025, 22% of the American workforce will be remote, up 87% from before. Remote work demand reflects changes in employee preferences and business strategies. Employees like flexibility and work-life balance, while businesses see cost benefits like lower office expenses and access to global talent. Productivity hasn’t dropped with remote work; in fact, many report higher output and satisfaction. Remote work challenges traditional workplace norms, pushing for more flexible, inclusive, and agile operations. This trend is set to shape the future of work.

Discover How Azure Virtual Desktop Enhances Security for Your Remote Work Setup!

With the rise of remote work, cybersecurity is a major concern. Traditional security models fall short in protecting remote workers on public networks. Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) is a strong solution for this.

  • Data Security: Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) ensures data security in Azure data centres.
  • Data Transfer: Secure data transfer is guaranteed by AVD.
  • Secure Access: AVD employs encryption and multi-factor authentication to prevent unauthorised access.

AVD simplifies system management and updates, offering consistent security measures. Additionally, Integration with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint adds real-time threat detection. By prioritising security, AVD boosts business resilience and employee trust in remote work environments.

Unlocking Potential: Azure Virtual Desktop’s Practical Influence in the Finance Sector

In the competitive financial services world, organisations constantly seek the latest technology solutions for balancing agility with security. Worrells, an Australian insolvency firm, stands out for using Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) effectively. Facing issues like old servers, costly maintenance, and disaster recovery needs, Worrells transitioned to AVD for better efficiency and digital presence. AVD, from Exigo Tech, offered secure remote access and boosted efficiency by 30%, cutting hardware costs. This shift empowered remote work, tech adoption, and cost savings, showcasing AVD’s transformative impact in the finance sector.

Unlocking the Power of AVD: Discover How Exigo Tech Empowers Seamless Remote Work Solutions

Exigo Tech, a Microsoft Salutation Partner, leverages Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) for seamless remote work, ensuring business continuity and productivity regardless of employees’ locations. AVD saves on costs and simplifies setups compared to traditional have full forms of these systems.

Benefits of Cloud-Based Approach:

  • Boosts cost efficiency.
  • Avoids costly hardware investments.
  • Utilises Azure’s pay-as-you-go model for cost-effectiveness.

Exigo Tech uses AVD to provide businesses with secure desktop access from any location and device, ensuring consistent working experiences and enhanced productivity. While providing remote work solutions, security is our top priority which is addressed through AVD’s intelligent security features like Azure Security Centre and Microsoft Defender for Endpoint. These tools offer advanced protection against cyber threats and simplify compliance with Microsoft’s security controls.

We provide tailored virtual environments for businesses, offering flexibility and control. Including Azure Site Recovery in the disaster recovery plan ensures businesses are shielded from outages and can quickly recover systems for operational continuity. Through Azure Virtual Desktop, Exigo Tech revolutionises remote work solutions, enhancing productivity, security, and flexibility.


In the rapidly evolving digital workplace, Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) isn’t just a current solution but a window into tomorrow’s work success. The journey with AVD, guided by Exigo Tech, is a path of ongoing innovation.

Our role goes beyond implementation; we empower your workforce to navigate AVD’s potential effectively. With expertise and forward thinking, we help you seize new opportunities in this changing landscape. Our tailored solutions that match your business needs ensure that you thrive in the remote work era.

Partnering with the right technology solutions provider like Exigo Tech is crucial for ensuring security and efficiency. With expertise in AVD, we can guide your business forward, redefining productivity, collaboration, and innovation.

Discover how Azure Virtual Desktop can transform your operations. The future is bright with Exigo Tech and AVD by your side. Contact us at or call us at 1300 EXIGOTECH (394 468) to get started.


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