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Get familiar with Azure Sentinel’s comprehensive overview and discover what makes it different from other popular SIEMs, and how to get started with cloud security quickly to boost cyber defenses.

Data is crucial, and its security is the topmost concern for every organisation. It is nearly impossible to properly analyse the high volume of data and system-generated security alerts to smartly combat and respond to increasingly sophisticated attacks. Enterprises are looking for a single platform that can handle data storage, threat detection, and response operations within the cloud environment. This is where Azure Sentinel for cloud security comes into the picture.

There are many Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) products that are available in the market today but most of them lack the modern capabilities to integrate with data sources to help investigate, analyse and respond with actionable insights.

What is Microsoft Azure Sentinel?

Azure Sentinel is a cloud-native event management and security platform and a security orchestration automated response tool that enables analytics using AI capabilities.

It adds to all-encompassing cyber defense in the cloud and enables seamless integrations of a multitude of log sources and various security solutions. For in-depth analytics and timely identification of compromised entities, Azure Sentinel cloud comes with inbuilt automated User and Entity Behaviour Analytics (UEBA) capabilities.

By using AI and machine learning, Azure Sentinel can reduce false positives and alert fatigue, which are common stumbling blocks to achieving effective cloud security with traditional SIEMs.

To learn more about Exigo Tech’s Azure Sentinel solutions read this blog.

Why Microsoft Azure for your Cloud Security?

As per Thales research, about 38% of Australian companies faced Cyberattacks in 2021 and managing these attacks seems to be an ongoing challenge.

This clarifies that the standard setup (SIEM – Security Information and Event Management) alone cannot stand the masterminds of cybercriminals, as they seem to easily outsmart it with their sophisticated method of attacks. Such volumes of attacks can be overwhelming for teams and might even go undiscovered.

Hence Microsoft Azure Sentinel seems to be the go-to solution in the network and cloud security field. It not only empowers security operations but also enhances the security posture to address the modern-day challenges of security analytics.

How does Azure Sentinel Work in Securing your Infrastructure?

It starts by connecting your cloud security resources to Azure Sentinel using Data connectors. Azure Log Analytics then collects all the data collected from different sources like devices, applications, users, and infrastructure. This collected data is then visualised for any potential issues with the in-built workbooks. These workbooks also help in creating the specific queries to design rules called Analytics which then scrutinise the data for suspicious activities. Cloud App Security and Microsoft Defender ATP are the two prebuilt rules and connections to Microsoft sources.

Once analytics rules are created, you can see the incidents and respond to them immediately in real-time with the built-in orchestration using playbooks.

Benefits of using Microsoft Azure Sentinel for your Cloud Security

Azure Sentinel comes with its artificial intelligence which incorporates machine learning rules to detect anomalies across all the data sources. This adds to the following distinct and prominent benefits:

  • Have smarter cloud security and threat protection

    Azure Sentinel makes use of scalable machines with learning algorithms to detect anomalies and send them to analysts. Once a correlated cloud security event is identified, it prompts the IT team to investigate by sending alerts. The team can then focus on this specific problem and determine the potential breach for the organisation. They can also then plan a response and mitigate the threat as quickly as possible with minimum damage. Cloud security with Azure Sentinel also integrates with Microsoft Graph API to import the threat feeds and customise threat detection.

  • Get seamless Data Integration

    Azure Sentinel can integrate with data sources such as apps, devices, users and servers on any cloud to collect the security data within your organisation and with the help of Artificial Intelligence it can even identify the genuine threats to take action immediately. With Azure, you can also get limitless cloud security and speed to suit the demands of your business.

  • Meet the demands of your IT teams

    Azure Sentinel offers a centralised platform that brings management and cloud security together in one place. It offers a range of tools to external and internal security teams to enhance the security operations with the use of AI and ML.

  • Obtain better value for time and money

    Since teams can access the status of any event and alert from a single dashboard, it saves time to suspect potentially malicious activity. With the threat management features such as hunting, cases, and notebooks along with configuration features such as data connections, it can also provide depth analysis. Additionally, Azure Sentinel can also be automatically scaled to suit the cloud security demands of your organisation at any given time.

How to Make the Most Out of Azure Sentinel for your Cloud Security Needs?

At Exigo Tech, we have a superior security strategy that is essential in today’s world. Our end-to-end security services have helped businesses in their strong stand against cyber-attacks. Our experts have qualified experience in implementing Azure Sentinel to ensure your business performs optimally.

Click here, if you would like to schedule a call to discuss how Exigo Tech can enhance your cloud security posture with Microsoft Azure Sentinel.


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